My $650 Gaming PC Build - TODAY

When: Ordering tomorrow.

Don't need: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers.

Goals: Gaming PC. Not hardcore but gets the job done.

Already have: An XFX ATI 5770 video card (valued $150). That leaves $500 to complete the build:

Promo discounts explained: -$20 for Hard drive, $-6 for 2x2GB RAM.

What do you think?
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    Spend the extra money for a quality RAM kit.


    Better off spending a few more $ and getting a f3 500gb for $55.
    Much better performance.

    You should also consider a better case.

    Antec 300 illusion + win 7 combo.
  2. That case has $15 shipping. Here's another Antec case with free shipping and a better overall rating (although there's only 7 reviews):

    I made a correction about my GPU in OP.. I actually have a 5770, not 5570.

    Regarding RAM, I'm going to install this one (already have):

    The Crucial RAM that I'm buying will just be for another computer build (I need new RAM without heat shields due to clearance issues).

    Hows it look?
  3. The 2 hundred has worse cooling and fewer features than the 300 illusion.
    Not a huge deal though, rest looks fine.
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  5. Done, thanks.
  6. I installed a $90 Nvidia GTS 250 instead and overclocked it. It's cheaper than the 5770. Bad Company 2 at 1920x1200 resolution runs as smooth as butter with this system. Very nice. Better than the 5770 in my computer with a faster CPU.

    Total build cost including video card: $575.91. Way under budget!
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