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So my friend is sending me BFG 9800 GT, he said when he played it on Counter Strike Source within the first 5 minutes it overheated... and I was wondering if I should be worried about this happing to me also, and I'm just paying for the shipping...
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  1. the 8800GT/9800GT always ran hot, most will idle at 60c and hit load at 80-85c

    you can always re-seat the heat sink or place an extra fan on the side
  2. Since you already got the card then why not just try it? :D
  3. With a Zalman VF900 on it will idle at 40c and struggle to hit 60c under heavy load.
  4. If you find the VF900 lacking you could always go for the VF1000, I got both and they both do a good job. VF900 on the top card (55nm BFG 9800gt oc 1GB) and the VF1000 on the lower card (65nm PNY 1GB), the temps are fairly decent with load temps in the 60s even when overclocking.
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