Are Micro ATX and ATX V2.2 PSU's compatable

First things First, here's what I got:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
crap PSU
Geforce 8500GT 1gb
4gigs RAM
NZXT case (ALPHA? I think)

I bought a new GPU and didn't notice my crap PSU wasn't up to snuff with regards to the new GPU specs. I asked around here and was told to persue a OCZ Fatal1ty 550W PSU.

Heres my question:
My mobo uses a Micro ATX 24pin connection, the Fatal1ty has a 20+4Pin connection, are these the same?

I'm as green as they get with modding, this is my first UG ever, and I'm learning as I go. Any and all advice is welcome! :)

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  1. Your board will work fine with your PSU. You are getting a bit confused in your terminology. The board uses a regular ATX 24 pin main connector, the PSU has a 20+4 pin ATX main connector allowing it to connect to board that need 20 pin connectors and ones that need 24 pin connectors, you just clip the extra 4 on the side of the 20 and plug it in.
  2. I originally thought that, but when I looked in my case and counted the wires going to the mobo my clip has 24 wires, then up by the CPU theres a 4 wire connector. I assumed I needed a 24 pin connector and a 4 pin connector, am I wrong? Thanks for the input :)
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    Yeah, the 4-pin CPU power line is called the ATX "P4" connector, which almost all modern PSUs have.

    For a modern (your) mobo, you need a 24Pin ATX Mobo connector (or 20+4pin, both terms are interchangeable) and 4-pin ATX CPU connector (some Mobos have 8-pins slots, but as long as you have enough power a 4pin will be fine) In which ALL ATX 2.X PSUs have..

    Honestly don't get a Fatal1ty, a ModXStream Pro would work fine, though this $30 Antec just as good:
  4. Hey Timop, you helped me last night :) I need 450watts (min) with +12v 24a to run the new GPU. I picked the Fatal1ty because it had more than enough power and more than 1 +12v rail. Someone recommended it to me last night because of my budget. My wife has beaten me BTW. :)
  5. Ouch.

    Where did you get the "requirements"? Especially the multiple 12v rails, its not accurate at all.

    With your budget, the Neo Eco is your best and cheapest option, then the ModXstream Pro. It will run the GTS250 fine, especially with your power efficient C2D, it just lacks all the bells and whistles.
  6. my current supply is a no name brand with these listings:
    +3.3v 28A
    +12v 20A
    -5V 0.5A
    +5VSB 2.0A

    I bought a MSI GTS 250 1gb, and the thing wants 12v 24a
    I was worried about the 12v rail only having 20a, plus the PSU doesn't have any PCI E power connectors. I have plenty of molex connectors with the converter, but I wanted to be absolutely sure.
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  8. Disregard my unedited post, had a memory lapse recalling your GTS250. Sorry :(

    See my edited post, the Neo Eco with 30A is enough with room to spare.
  9. Sweet, you rock! Thanks for all the help. I ordered the Fatal1ty this morning, but I can still cancel the order. Thanks be to the holiday weekend. I'll absolutely be looking you up for help in the future! Thanks again Timop!
  10. Good luck, be sure to use that $5 Promo code. :lol:
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