Need help hdd or ssd

i need to buy a hhd for may desktop i dont know what to get a ssd or hhd i know ssd are faster but more money so i have 4 hhd 320gb but i cant boot windows on them si they my be bad

can i combind ssd and hhd in one pc
can i used the ssd just for install windos and hhd for the rest of the storage
please leet me now
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  1. Yes you can boot from the ssd and have hdd in the same system for all the data.

    This is actually what's recommended, booting from the ssd and having hdd for data.
  2. Hi DXS,

    Yes you can have both an SSD and a HDD on the same PC. They would be on separate SATA cables and ports. And yes you can use an SSD for the OS and applications, and a HDD for storage (very common).

    The price of SSD's have dropped a lot recently so you can get one of less than $1 per GB. My recommendation would be to purchase a 256GB SSD (about $200, some less). That way Win-7 or Win-8 plus all your application programs will easily fit on the SSD, and most data files, with plenty of space remaining for expansion. Photos or Music can be stored on a storage HDD as you were thinking.

    A 128GB SSD might work, but over time you will fill it up, and will be back in the market for a larger SSD.
    And yes they are sooo much faster.
  3. Well said John_VanKirk. I have a smaller 120GB SSD and yes they fill up faster than you think. Also keep in mind that you need to keep at least 10% of the SSD drive empty to keep the speedier responsiveness and for "garbage collection".
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