AMD cooler installation problems

While installing the stock cooler/heatsink for my AM3-based processor (Phenom II 1055T), I had some problems locking the cooler in place. If I insert the metal bracket on one side into the plastic clip, the other bracket won't go down far enough to lock into the motherboard's rectangular plastic clip.

While attempting to fix that, I locked the side with the black lever into the plastic clip, then pushed the other side down into that plastic clip by force. It finally worked, but I heard a loud snapping sound. Now it's no longer possible to turn the black lever and remove the heatsink.

My questions:
- Does this sound like something had seriously gone wrong?
- How can I remove the cooler?
- Is there any chance my CPU was damaged?
- I had to previously remove the cooler after the thermal compound dried. After all of the above happened, the cooler still seems a bit loose. Does this mean I need to replace the compound?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It should not be loose. It has nothing to do with the compound, you probably broke the lever mechanism so the cooler is not being held down with the required force.
  2. Now would be a good time to get yourself an aftermarket cooler that uses its own mounting system with a back plate.

    If the cooler is loose its not going to work well, the thermal compound is so thin that it should have no effect on how tightly the cooler is held on.
  3. By now, the thermal compound has dried. The heatsink can no longer wiggle. However, I now have a much bigger problem to worry about...

    I completed assembling the computer. All fans turn on, power light is on, DVD tray works, but monitor shows no signal. CPU cooler is on, but is cool to the touch... seems like CPU is not even turning on. (This is where I really wish the Antec 300 had a speaker for POST codes.)

    CPU cooler is still stuck and unremovable. I think if I tried pulling the heatsink, the side latches, or the handle any harder, seems like (further) damage to the CPU or motherboard would occur.

    What are my options? Should the cooler be clipped off with wire clippers?
  4. Did you plug in the P4 connector( four pins and yellow and black wires )?

    Once I forgot and my fans came on but nothing else.
  5. Do modern AMD boards come with P4 connectors? I could't find a port on mine for it.
  6. Its the 4/8-pin CPU connector.
  7. Thanks guys! Turns out the problem was the 4/8 pin connector not being plugged in.

    Computer now boots. BIOS reports CPU teperature of 39C, and system temp of 32C. Successfully booted a Ubuntu Live CD.

    Still the problem with the stuck cooler, but hope nothing will require me to have to worry about it.
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