5850 crossfire fit in case and work with PSU?

Ok, so I'm getting a 5850, and I'm also going to get a Antec 300, and I was wondering if it'll fit. If it does, will 5850 crossfire fit in it? This is just a simple yes/no question, don't try to convince me to buy another case.

Here is my future build:

Now, I was wondering if the Antec EA650 will be able to handle all of that(I know it can), but handle it when there are 2 5850's in crossfire? Also, I'll be OC'ing the 955 and possibly the 5850 as well, if I need to. Crossfiring isn't something that I won't need to do for 2-3 years, so if I need to get a different PSU by that time, then I will, same with the case.

Thanks guys.
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  1. It'll fit, most modern cases can fit the 5850 no problem, unless their barebone or mini cases. Make sure to get moderate/high performance cooling and a good heatsink if you're going to be overclocking.
  2. It will fit, no problem. I put the 5830 in an antec 300 before, and the 5850 isn't much bigger, Enjoy.
  3. It will fit since I fit a gtx260 with room to spare and any psu with atleast 40amps on 12v rail or higher will be fine
  4. All of yall are talking about a single 5850, I'm assuming. I was wondering about 5850 in crossfire...
  5. Yadumadoda said:
    All of yall are talking about a single 5850, I'm assuming. I was wondering about 5850 in crossfire...
    Both cards will fit, and it's a great case.

    Now for the stuff you don't want to hear: Both cards would be so close together that the top card will run very much hotter. Automatic fan controls will probably keep that from being a problem so long as you don't overclock. Still, running two cards would force x8 mode, which will hurt your performance by around 5%.
  6. i was actually in micro center and pulled out an antec 300 to see the size difference between that and my case. I was surprised at the size of the 300 and it will fit the 5850 in CF. The Antec EA650 peaks well above 650w and can be sold as a 700w unit if Antec wanted to, it can run both cards with no issue.
  7. You already said your not getting another case, whats the point ?
    The case has 7 expansions slots, why wouldn't they fit, if one fits ?

  8. what CPU cooler is that notty?
  9. I don't know, I found that here, the gpu's are actually reference 5770's , from the description. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?p=1035471348

    edit: Its a Arctic Freezer pro http://www.arctic-cooling.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1_43&mID=133&page=gallery
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