Disabled person wants to build new system on small budget

Hey all:

I don't want to seem lazy n I hope Im in the right forum. I am disabled n buillt 2 puters exactly the same bout 5 yrs ago,before becoming disabled. Well 1 has broken down n I plan on tryin to use parts from the other to fix this 1.

What I am looking to do is by the AMD Phenom 1055t hoping to over clock to 3.0. I need /b options n help on sound cards w/@ least 7.1 surround...also a video card w/tuner n video n photo editing capabilities, capture. HDMI out puts to be able to use my puter along wltv n including using the sound card for output to receiver.

Sorry for the long windedness.....I am looking to buy pieces over next few months. I know things change, but any n all help would b appreciated.

Please don't hate me :heink:

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  1. Actually The Forum > Systems > Homebuilt would be better.

    If your disability somehow limits your ability to build systems, then you should state how, otherwise its irrelevent. I am also disabled, so I found it curious that your would bring it up at all in this context.

    As for the cost and types of components, honestly your best bet is to start doing the research on each part, while you are saving money for the system. Dont buy stuff piece by piece, it cost more in the long run. Once you know what parts you are going to buy, shop them around online, most reputable online stores do price matching, so when you are finished compiling the equipment list you can then choose a vendor from whom to purchase the bulk of your equipment, if not all of it. This will reduce or eliminate shipping costs. At this point you will have a solid idea of how much money you need and hopefully you have had time to save it up. If you are still shy of the required amount then keep a look out for bundle deals and sales on the parts you need while you continue to save.

    As far as what parts to buy, start reading the motherboard reviews here at Tom's Hardware, then figure out what processor, memory, cooling, video card, hard drives PSU/Case, etc etc. The motherboard is the foundation of your computer and the most imporatant part. It's choice should dictate the CPU options. Not the other way around (at least in my opinion).

    Probably not the answer you were looking for, but its the best advice I can give you.
    Hope it helps.
  2. Ur right bout the disabled part...has nothing to do w/it...more of a reason of the lack of funds, yet still being able to buy the best of what ever any1 suggests.

    Thanks for any n all input.

  3. ok ok let us not beat a fn horse to death....I apologized once. I WILL NOT DO SO AGAIN ! Not looking for sympathy just answers.....my disability has nothin to do with anything shouldn't have written it, but don't u have better things to do than to beat some1 in the head with a freakin bat. I asked a ? some1 pointed something out that was truly inappropriate. Again, I F N APOLOGIZED A HOLE. If no1 wants to help fine.....I didn't want it to post 2xs this is the 1st post i have done n looks like may be my last. I may be a f n idiot....but I have been in the tech field for 30+ years and due to my problems I am not up on things as quickly as I'd like to be....I plan on starting a new business n thought I could get some help. I had been using this site for yrs....now I know y I never posted.

    F y'all

    Jaime - Vengeance

    I apologize to the webmaster and to any1 that may have been able to look past my mistake n were to have given me any input. To the rest of ya's GTH. If I am kicked out n some1 would like to give their input, n not bout the stupid mistake I made, please feel free to contact me at jwashere.sr@gmail.com.
    :non: :pfff: :fou:
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  5. whats up with all these people asking for help and then insulting everyone like they're the ones who were helping?
  6. Well, i certaintly wont be helping this prick
  7. so what is the small budget
  8. Knowing the budget would help to suggest some parts.
  9. This thread is full of FAIL.

    I too, came here expecting an interesting problem involving input devices for some sort of physical disability, and was disappointed. Instead it's just a bunch of morons hating on someone for mentioning an irrelevant piece of information.
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