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im contemplating getting a 60gb ssd for my boot drive. if i did how do i migrate only my os to the ssd? and are they reliable? i don't have a copy of win7 im using a hard drive from an acer that already had it installed .i don't want to spend money for something to fail and me have to buy a copy of windows
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  1. I would say get a bigger drive. Windows is going to take up almost all of the gbs. Buy one with the transfer kit

    For example...
  2. I agree with garrettk4, go with a bigger drive. I have a 120GB SSD and they fill up quicker than you think. Keep in mind you will need to keep at least 10% of the SSD drive space free for optimal performance. The transfer kit is a huge plus. With a kit I was able to clone the HDD to the SSD. I now use the HDD for storage. Once you use an SSD you won't likely go back to an HDD. After much reading on here the brands that are most often recommended are Samsung and Intel. I have also heard good things about the Mushkin drives as well.
  3. Agree,
    Another aspect of getting bigger such as 120/128, is you don't have to go through the mental anguish that some other members of micromanaging every byte.

    But as far as the transfer, you should contact acer and get the . A clean install will optimize your experience

    Ffor your first question, people who bought ssds are almost always very very happy with them. The percentage of people who regret their purchase is almost non-existent
  4. I can also recommend at least 120 GB. Usually pagefile and hibernation file is placed on c:, which could cost you a huge amount of a 60 GB SSD. With 120 GB you can use the drive normal.
  5. He is not going to have a pagefile and hiberfile after he gets the SSD. We don't use them on it at all, we usually just kill the hibernation thingy and move the pagefile to a platter drive.

    To the OP
    Check how much space you are currently using on the present drive, subtract the pagefile and hiberfile size from it and then choose a SSD with about 60GB more than what you are already using.
    And it is worth the upgrade.......
  6. well im using 64gb of 911,thats with only teamfortress 2 installed for games. i suppose a 120 would be alot better, what about ssd reliability?i dont hear good things on that
  7. Some applications do require a pagefile regardless of how much ram you add to win7. You could run into unexplained crashes if you switch it off. I would much recommend you get at least a 120gb SSD and leave pagefile to be automatically handled by windows. It is not necessary to make the pagefile a fixed size either because fragmentation doesnt really affect an ssd much.

    Other useful things with SSD:
    - Disable hibernation and use Suspend to RAM to sleep your pc (unless you use a laptop and want to "sleep" without a power source for more than a couple of days.)
    - Leave the Pagefile on the SSD, this is one of the best features of the SSD, no more HD thrashing because its on a SSD.
    - Disable defragging on the SSD drive. It will just thrash your drive for no reason, and make wear and tear a bit more.
    - Use a single C drive partition for the whole SSD.
    - Switch off the automatic defrag on your C drive as it isnt needed on the SSD.

    Some more info on the pagefile here:

  8. SSDs are as reliable as platter drives. Technically they're more, but it's still a developing technology so there's always a chance you may get a bad one. Though all manufactures offer at least a 1 year warranty.
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