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I believe I deleted my network files in error while trying to make space on my HD because I kept getting a low memory warning. I have tried system restore but due to not having much memory on harddrive, the computer had only one restore date. This date does not help. I do not have the original windows XP CD as I purchased the computer used. The XP copy is legal & I have the ID#. Is there any way I can fix what I did without losing my software? Can I try a repair from another XP CD? Please help! Thank you!
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  1. There is likely some things you can do to free up some space without drastic measures.

    This program might free up some space for you. (When it asks that long winded question about running it in demonstration mode click no)

    Have you gone into Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel? Unless you are very carefull there is likely several computer programs that you don't need/want that are taking up space.

    Are you sure it's low on hard drive space? If it says something like virtual memory is low then the steps above won't help but it can easily be fixed by taking the right steps.

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    Why do you think you deleted some network files? Are you not able to get on the internet? No-one will be able to help you repair this issue until you give more detail.
    Also quoting the error word for word will help us.

    Thanks and good luck!
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