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CM Storm Sniper Black Side Panel

I bought a window side panel for the Sniper Black Edition about three weeks ago on the 'Egg. It came damaged, so I requested a refund. It was processed then approved. I put off buying a new side panel, and when I checked today on the 'Egg, they are sold out. What worries me is that the side panels had been discontinued for a while on CM USA's online store, which probably means production has been canceled. Question is, does anyone know where I can buy a side panel for the Sniper? If any of you have one in good condition without major scratches and paint nicks, then I would also be interested in buying one. Thanks.
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  1. ebay?
  2. Already tried ebay, Amazon, and craigslist.
  3. Wow, this is bad news, for I am planning to do the same in a near future, but I am not ready yet (need more money :pt1cable: )
  4. ....Any answers????
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  6. Ah, finally restocked. Thanks davcon.
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