USB Short Circuited my Motherboard, Replace or Upgrade?

So, one of my friends plugged their iphone into the front USB connector on my case and my computer immediately shut off, never to turn on again. I don't know exactly what happened because I wasn't in the room, but I figure that the case connector was faulty (Damn it Coolermaster, I trusted you!)
Replacing the powersupply with one I knew worked didn't help, no fan startup or anything on the MB when I flipped the switch, are there any other ways I can try to get it to work? I fear it's completely fried though.

I had GA 965P DS3 with a Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe LGA 775 and a Nvidia GTX260, is it worth it to upgrade to a better processor/MB now, or do you think overclocking my processor will keep it viable for a time being provided I get a new video card?

If I do decide to keep my system (assuming my CPU still works, I have no way of testing it) can anyone suggest a good replacement for the motherboard? It seems like Socket 775 boards pretty rare now, and the best I can find is the Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G. (I want one with at least three usable PCI slots, as I want to use this system as a HTPC in the future)
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    The only thing you can try is resetting BIOS by pulling the motherboard battery for few sec if you have not already done so.
    That GA-P43-ES3G is as good as it gets in replacements boards now with DDR2 support. The question is though if you should spend the money rather on a new CPU/mobo/ram combo. (I personally would do that)
  2. Did you disconnect the front panel USB port from the MB and tried to boot.
  3. Thanks guys, the first thing I did before trying to boot it back up was pull the connectors for the front panel, and that was a no go.

    I also tried pulling the battery for a few seconds and putting it back in, but to no avail. I think it's pretty much scrap metal now. Oh well.
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  5. I have the CM Storm Trooper and mine done the exact same thing. I disconnected my front panel usb from the mobo and it did nothing but the same. So i disconnected everything that was connected on mobo to the case and it came on. I started plugging things back in and realized it was my usb and could keep everything connected as long as i didnt connect the usb cable while the computer was off. Hope this helped.
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