Radeon 5770 seems to have killed itself....

Hi guys,

So up until yesterday I never had a problem with my video card or graphics. I was playing Starcraft II yesterday, which isn't that graphics intensive, gearing up for a big battle when all of a sudden my game crashes and the screen goes black. I reboot, and all of a sudden logging into windows is very difficult. It just freezes, hangs, starts working, and freezes again in a few seconds.

At first I thought it was windows, but I've since isolated it to the graphics card because I can operate windows perfectly in safe mode and in normal mode when I disable the display adapter in device manager.

I tried a bunch of things in the process, rolling back to restore points, updating windows, updating drivers, rolling back drivers. Until finally I said screw it and reinstalled windows fresh, then updated the drivers to the latest one. That didn't seem to work, as I continued to get the same freezes, colour flashes, and lock ups even on a fresh system. Sometimes I can get as far as loading up windows normally, but once I try to do anything regarding the video card (like clicking advanced options in the screen resolution, or the 3D tab in catalyst), it will lock up and go haywire.

I just put the machine together a month ago and I don't hardcore game or overclock, so I'm kinda annoyed.

Windows 7 64bit
6gb ram
1.5tb HD
ATI Radeon 5770

Any suggestions on how I can fix it before I return the card and get a new one? Thanks guys.
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  1. What about your Power Supply Unit? brand? model?
  2. Ultra LSP 750W ATX
  3. Friends, the issue has been solved!

    After all that crap, I was pretty much about to send it in. As a last ditch, I figured I may as well try and install the drivers that came with the card on a CD-rom. It seemed to have done the trick, for whatever reason the most up to date drivers being installed straight in weren't working. But I guess the old old driver had something the new ones didn't, and I was able to upgrade over top the old drivers to more current ones.

    Go figure! System seems stable now, I'm using 10.4 Catalyst, probably won't go to 10.5 unless I need to.
  4. Sometime, the older driver could be more stable than the latest one... :)
    I still use old driver, the one which came in the CD (9.7) and never update it. But it is still running with no problem.
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