Upgrade to core 2 X6900 on Optiplex 755

Hello, I want to upgrade to intel core 2 Extreme X6900 on O755 but mainboard unsupport. Can you help me (Bioc version A10)
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  1. May I ask why?
    The cost of a X6900 can build you a decent AM3/1156 system.
  2. on screen only notice : system halted,
    incompactible processor.
    so i can't do anything example as upgrade bios (bios version A10)
    Can you help me.
    Thanks for all
  3. Because X6900 is a gift from my friend (hic)
  4. The only way you can upgrade the BIOS is if you put your old processor in. Though I highly doubt a OEM Mobo supports 130W EE processors even with a BIOS update.
  5. Thanks for advises. I've upgraded the BIOS to A17 but mainboard not support CPU Extreme X6900.
    I upgrade CPU Xeon X3360 then it works good.
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