Computer requiring hard restart or even removal from power

My mom's computer is acting very strange. Every now and again, it will go to sleep automatically like it is supposed to but then when you try to turn it back on, it will get past the resuming windows screen and stop. Often this requires the removal of the power cord to fix.

Is is possible that it is a memory problem or does anyone know of an instance of this being caused by the PSU?


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    You don't mention the PC's specs, but "sleep" is a flaky thing on many platforms. The problems are not usually memory or psu related, but BIOS-based. The simplest fix may be to change your BIOS and power saving options so that it doesn't go too deeply asleep, and turn the damn thing off when you're not using it.
  2. Yeah, i figured as much. I turned off automatic sleep and changed the power options to high performance to solve another problem.

    Thanks for the reply Twoboxer.
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