Does this dvd writer support windows 7?

I'm a first time builder still in progress/looking for parts. I looked up in Newegg dvd writers and found this:

Does this support windows 7? I heard it does from others, but on Details in Newegg I do not see Windows 7 as one of the supported software.

So, does it work? If it doesn't can anyone recommend me a cheap but effective dvd writer?
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Windows® Vista
    Windows® XP
    Windows 2000

    Works in vista so it will run on 7!
  2. Pros: Nothing fancy or special, but for the price, you won't likely be looking for something mind blowing. A quality drive so far, but all I've used it for at this point was to install Win7 and install driver discs. Hasn't failed of given any problems yet.

    Newegg review ^
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