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SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Web browsing, heavy multitasking, some gaming (mainly Everquest II which is almost all CPU based), Photoshop, 3d Studio

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, possibly HDD

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Will have access to a Micro Center and Frys for one trip (it's a drive), newegg, but open to anything trustworthy.






I'm looking to build an i7 PC as cheap as I can. I don't have to buy everything now (SSD, new monitor) but I'd like to get it up and running as cheap as I can within reason.

I'd like to get the i7 930 from Micro Center for $199. Not sure on a MB yet, but cheap is fine, I don't need a ton of features, but would like something capable of doing a 4ghz overclock at some point. Expecting around $210 for the MB, but cheaper would be much better.

Looking at a 6gb RAM kit, expecting about $160 for that, I don't have a specific brand in mind yet, but again cheaper would be better.

For the case I was looking at the Antec Three Hundred for $50 at Microcenter. Don't need anything fancy, just functional.

Power supply I have no idea, I would guess a 500W would be plenty with what I'm looking to do, maybe lower. Hoping for something in the $50-60 range, but don't know if that's reasonable for a reliable PSU. Open to suggestions, again, cheaper the better.

The only real gaming I do is Everquest II which is very CPU dependent, but not very GPU dependant, so I'm looking for cheap on the card. Under $70 would be preferred, and the further under, within reason, the better. I know very little of GPUs, so very open to suggestions.

Everything else after that I can get later. I'd consider getting a better HSF now if it's cheap.

I'm not 100% set on the 930, but for the price it's hard to pass up, and I want a system that is as future proof as possible and upgradeable as possible. Quad-Core and HT is very appealing with how much stuff I leave open. I may start gaming a bit more once I have a better system, but I highly doubt it'll ever get to the point of going SLI or Crossfire on high end cards. I want something that'll last 3-5 years if possible.

Open to any combo deals, retailers, coupons, rebates or suggestions anyone has.

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    You probably want to wait until august and see how much the retail CPU prices drop.

    Everyquest is way down at the bottom for GPU needs. If you get a GPU that can only handle EQ, you will get miserable performance in most other MMOs you would switch to. What resolution is your monitor?

    There are not many GPUs considered gaming cards anymore for under $100. An older model like a 4670 might be a good idea. At least it would play more modern games if you wanted to try any.

    There are lots of models with wildly varying model numbersand prices that dont have any relationship to each other so if you just grab one of the $40 cheapo's at microscenter you could get something anywhere from 5% to 50% as powerful as that 5670 I linked.
  2. Quote:
    Core i3-540 $117 LGA1156 2+2 2.93GHz
    Core i3-550 $117 LGA1156 2+2 3.2GHz

    does Intel's pricing scheme make sense to anyone? :(
  3. banthracis said:
    Core i3-540 $117 LGA1156 2+2 2.93GHz
    Core i3-550 $117 LGA1156 2+2 3.2GHz

    does Intel's pricing scheme make sense to anyone? :(
    Their numbers scheme doesnt even make sense from a consumer standpoint. Why in the world would you make a CPU line called i7 and have them span 2 different socket sizes?
  4. Intel sockets are simply far too complex.
    Many more people will get a new processor if they don't have to buy a new motherboard and ram every time they want to.
  5. Pretty sure Intel does that on purpose though.

    They make a fair amount off selling chipset's to mobo makers.
  6. dndhatcher said:

    You probably want to wait until august and see how much the retail CPU prices drop.

    This new build is going to be mainly a birthday present, so waiting to build it isn't really an option. Plus, I didn't really see anything there better/cheaper than what I'm looking at now. Also, I'm pretty much only going to have one chance next week to stop at Microcenter since I'll be in the area doing stuff for my birthday, but it's a bit to far to get to normally.

    I could really use some suggestions on what motherboard and PSU to get for this build as I know very little of those.

    For GPU I'm just looking for the most bang for the buck. Looks like I could get something like the HD5450 for ~$70, but I don't know if that's a good or bad card for the money.
  7. mobo GA x58 UD3R $210 on newegg atm.

    PSU wouldn't go lower than an Antec 380w earthwatts.

    The 5450 is more a HTPC card.

    You'd probably wanna get at least a 5670. $90
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