How to get into bios

i know its a realy stupid question but i forgot how to get into the bios of a computer (my laptop)

dont your hit a key or hold a key down wile rebooting?

the reason i ask is because my computer wont start if my razer naga is plugged in and i read there is a spot in the bios to enable booting with usb items installed.
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  1. Try hitting delete while it is booting, that works for many systems. The splash screen it puts up when it is first booting should tell you what key to hit at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Normally its <Delete>. <F1> or <F10> while you boot. There should be a brief splash screen that tells you.
  3. tyvm it was f10 and once i got in there noticed the screen that is suppose to show you what to hit was set to display for 0 seconds thats y i couldnt read it fast enough it showed up and went away in less that a sec lol.
  4. [F2] is also really common in laptops.
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