Intel D865GVLCL Intel 865GV Socket 478 mATX Motherboard

hi i was wondering if any one can help me with my son's computer .he is dying to play the witcher he got a new hp laptop and for some reason it doesn't have good enpugh graphics to pull it off. anyway i took his old dell dimension 2300 and got a new motherboard and processor. i put it all together EXCEPT for the front panel has only one big plug and nowhere to plug it in on this Intel D865GVLCL Intel 865GV Socket 478 mATX Motherboard. sooooo i took it all apart and put in it a different computer case that has all the seperate little plugs but i can't find a diagram of how they are supposed to go. there's power sw, hdd led, reset sw, power led and speaker.the green light is on , on the motherboard so i know it works but i can't get these switches right. does any one know how to put them right. i searched intel but couldn't find a decent diagram of this motherboard. any help would be so appreciated thanks
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  1. I probably cannot help you much, as I don't have one of those boards handy.

    But, the connections should be color coded and the diagram should be silkscreen in white below the pins. Note that the power switch, reset switch and speaker connectors can be installed without worrying about the polarity. The LED jumpers, however, must be installed with the correct polarity. This usually means that the (+) pin is connected to the non-black connector.
    the power switch wire is usually red, the speaker is an area on the board that is 4 pins wide.
    Sorry I can't help you more than that.
  2. thanks for the help. at this point i've tried every combination there is. i'm sending the board back for a new one. thankyou again
  3. Sure. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  4. Go to Intel.comsupport. You can download all the info for the 865 board, A good board.
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