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I have the 3 monitors set up, all are duplicate just like they should be and I can create a group with catalyst software but when I get to the arrange part one should turn blue at a time but all 3 monitors have blue corners. The 3 monitors remain all the same and I cannot change the resolution to have one screen across the 3 monitors. Help anyone? I have tried numerous set ups. I have the latest drivers for the 5870, catalyst 10.5. I have uninstalled and reinstalled until I am am blue.
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  1. If I understand correctly, ALL three monitors are blue during the configure part.

    You have to click the blue section that corresponds to the display that is showing.

    ie, for the left display, click the leftmost "blue" display etc. Click "done" and then configure bezel management.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Problem is all 3 are blue at same time, well about 1/2 of each monitor is blue. One is suppose to be blue the other 2 black from what Iunderstand. When I get all done I still have 3 desktops all the same . Not one across desktop across all 3 monitors.
  3. As far as I understand, when arranging an Eyefinity group, all three displays show as blue. Then you select which display is which.

    Also, I usually set the DP display as my center display. Try disabling each display until the center display remains, then enable each again, then create a new Eyefinity group.

    You are using an active DP > DVI adapter I assume?
  4. Yes I finally got an accell active display port. From the u tube videos I have watched one screen is blue, the other 2 black and when recognize that on the other turns blue and when you click on it the 3rd automtically comes on. All three of my screens are1/2 blue and 1/2 black. The confiduration shows one screen stretched across the monitors but I still have 3 duplicated screens, all showing desptop. When I clik on the bezel MANAGEMENT the menu just closes. I have my DP set up on middle monitor. I am sure it is just something not configured right but I have spent hours trying to figure it out. I followed the steps for eyefinity 3 monitor set up and like I said I still have 3 duplicated desktops. Any help would be much appreciated, I woudl really like toget thsi figured out today.
  5. ATI cannot figure this one out yet, any one have any ideas?
  6. Almsot sound identical to my problem. I have attempted everything else guess I will see about getting my display port adapter replaced. Wish they would get the mess with eyefinity fixed, first the display port adapters were ahrd to find, finally get one and still doe not work right ugh thx everyone
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