What hardware can cause my PC to freeze

I built this PC about a year ago. It has a ASUS PRO motherboard 4gb ram, Nvidia GTS 250 Card, 500gb HD. I think a 450 or 550 PSU, AMD Quad Core CPU and 3 case fans.

I had it running windows 7. A month or 2 ago it would freeze at random. First it would be the cursor. Then the whole screen.

I just bought a new hard drive and installed linux on it and left the Windows drive disconnected. It is still doing it. Sometimes it will go days or hours without freezing. Then other times it does it 2 times in one session.

Things ive tried:

Disconnected GTS 250 card and ran it off motherboard graphics- still happened
Then disconnected 500 gb windows drive-Still happened
Ran Memtest memory tester overnight and it reported no errors.
Installed brand new 1TB hard drive and Linux Ubuntu, left GTS 250 card off, 500gb windows drive off- Still happening

Any ideas? Maybe my PSU isnt enough?

I dont overclock or any of that. Typical usage like internet, videos, picture editing etc.
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  1. What PSU?

    You might not have enough power, and during peaks it crashes.
  2. the power supply is a Ultra LS 500. I bought most of this PC as a bundle and that is the PSU that came with it. But right now I am not even runnng the GTS 250 card on it and it still freezes up now and then.

    You mentioned during peaks it crashes as a possible problem but on this new Linux install on the new hard drive I havent done anything but run the internet.
  3. You should try updating your mobo drivers.
    I would think your mobo is the problem, or maybe a temperature issue...
    Download a temp monitoring program and see if anything is out of the ordinary.
    Your PSU should be fine.
  4. You know what you may be right. I forgot about that. I installed a program right now called Xsensors for Linux and it shows my CPU temp at 44c. which seems high to me and my mobo temp at 35c.

    What do you guys think?
  5. Those are normal temps. But we need to know what they are at load. Run Prime95 with a temp sensor program and get back with us
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