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hello, I'm building a system for a friend, my friend only needs it for like surfing the web and stuff like that, she has a pentium III right now,its going to be around a $200 budget. Thanks for any advice
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  1. $2oo? Not likely. Maybe if you can get $250 or $300 so you can get one of those store specials. I think dell still wants $300 for their basic computer. Walmart has one that hits $250. Should be fine for basic use.
  2. sorry I forgot to mention that I already have a hdd and monitor for my friend and keyboard,mouse etc. so basically I need a case,mobo ,psu and ddr2 ram.
  3. Go with the CPU/MOBO combo I posted, MOBO is the same, CPU slightly faster, and it is cheaper together.

    and you still need ram, and I would guess 2Gb, depending on the OS.

    I do trust seasonic more though.
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    And the OS? (unless your going to pirate or ???) You could do linux, but I wouldn't for a basic user. Its not popular, but going with your basic $250-300 OEM is the way to go.
  5. I have an os allready
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