5970 not sure if its a dud one or

Hi guys
i recently brought a 5970 XFX BE
with a GA-MA790XT-UD4P and a 1055T @ 4ghz
so im wondering if these scores are ok?
in 3d mark vantage drivers 10.5 also tried 10.4 drivers

GPu score 23129
CPu score 19763

if their not any way i can make them better? i think the card is over clocked to 900 core 1125 mem or something around that
hope its not a DUD!
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  1. Average score should be at the 20k mark, you are fine. Disappointed?

    What voltage is your overclock at?
  2. cpu 1.5v
    g card ill have to check
    i guess a little disappointed not sure if its running right
  3. That's just some test...
    have you tested it with heavy games? Like Crysis?
  4. Really your CPU is holding back your overall score, but try some actual games out I'm pretty sure you don't game at 1280 x 1024 (Or whatever the P present in Vantage runs at).
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