Asus Rampage III Extreme Problem

ever since i upgraded my Mobo to Rampage III i'm having a few problems.

1. when it boots it says 'No Drives Detected' and yet the system boots properly. what gives?

2. Often i get a message while booting 'Overclocking Failed' when i'm not overclocking and i've to press F1 OR F2 to set to default to move on.

3. while the system's off i make any hardware changes even taking out or inserting my LAN cable as soon as i press the BOOT the system flickers on/off till i press the Clear CMOS button at the back. the when the system boots i get a message press F1 to go into BIOS or Press F2 to set to default and then it boots properly.

what am i doing wrong? pls advise. thank u.
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  1. Question 1. I have Asus P5K it says no Drives Detected. This began after I changed hardrive to SSD. I had not this message before when I used a ordinary SATA Disc.
  2. hmmmmmmm when you installed new mother board....did you install all the necessary software/driver's for the board..this content would have come on a disc with the mobo pack...also it may be that one of your components...most probably ram.... is incompatible with the board...most mobo have a Qualified vendor list which you can dl from the website...i know for certain that asus has one...heres the link for the rampage 3 extreme

    when on the site just click on the memory/device support TAB and download the QVL list found there check if your rams compatible....this is all i can offer atm...try reseating ram and also try changing around which sata cables go to which sata connectors on the mobo...this has helped me before. mix and match the sata's.
  3. Go to the Asus current bios..otherwise..reset mobo
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