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Please help me decide on a (up to 220$) case for my new build.

It is a Core i5 with a Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B Cooler installed on it.
Motherboard is P7P55D-E PRO.
Graphics are 2 x Sapphire 5870 in CrossFire.
An Antec HX 650 PSU.
As well as 1 SSD drive and 1 SATA drive.
And a wifi pci nic.

Requirements for the case:
* Needs to have good (but not THE BEST) airflow and cooling.
* Needs to be relatively quiet. Can be more noisy when gaming, but needs to be quiet in idle, and I don't mind having to play with a switch on the case for that.
* Needs to not look like Antec 900 or CoolerMaster HAF and the likes, i.e., not full of leds, meshes, spaceship like design. Preferably no window, but that's not a deal breaker.
* Build quality must be good to excellent.

I was considering: Silverstone Fortress FT01B vs. Antec P183/P193 vs. Lian Li PC-60FN/PC-7FN

Which of the cases above will give best cooling-quietness package?

The Fortress 2 is too expansive here. I wish I could get it. There's also no PC-P50 in stock where I am looking.
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    I like Antec performance series cases the P 183 has a very clean look to it. I especially like how quiet it is and the way it separates the power supply is a nice feature too.
  2. i have a Thermaltake M9D, which is literally the best build quality ive ever seen, plus the airflow is AWESOME!!!
    For some reason, their website doesnt supply the M9D, only the M9...

    the side fan can be replaced by a non LED, if you want, plus theres a non windowed version as well:

    ,,,i have the LED fan windowed version, and i am very happy with it!!! :sol:
  3. The Lian-Li PC A70F (or the Lian-Li as suggested by HellStorm) should fit your requirements pretty nicely.. If you already like the HAF design then consider the HAF-X also an option..
  4. ^^Ya forgot the HAF-X! Cheaper and has all the works. But would like to know from users, that has CM's build quality deteriorated in the recent past??
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  6. I am very happy with my new Antec 183. It is very quiet. Even when I am playing mafia 2 in high res with my CPU overclocked +35.7% and keep the fans on low, I still get fair temps.

    Great case. Good build quality. Very comfortable installation. Great Cable management and the lower compartment for PSU is nicely separated from the "heat compartment".

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  7. Hey OP if you like the Performance One series so much check out the Fractal Define R3:

    The Fractal Define XL is due soon as well:
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