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i am trying to make my system recognize a 3TB wd HD and am prompted to "You will need to update your NVidia driver to version or higher, or use Microsoft's driver."

I cannot find this driver, does anyone have a link to this driver or microsofts driver? When I update the driver it is not updating to the one needed and I cannot find it on NVidia's site.

My system is emachines 1352g running windows 7 home premium 64 bit
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  1. Which SATA controller shows up in Device Manager?
  2. fzabkar said:
    Which SATA controller shows up in Device Manager?

  3. That appears to be the driver version. I'm asking about the SATA controller, eg NForce 430 or 410.
  4. nvidia control panel says version 301.42 GeForce6150SE nForce 430
  5. the current hd is recognized and partitioned as 1.99TB (as drive C) and 746GB (as drive E)

    I wanted all to be on C but Acronis program will not let me use large disk management because of the orig error stated in post. thanks for your help
  6. Here is the latest I could find:

    Version: 15.49 WHQL
    Release Date: 2009.10.01
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
    Language: English (U.S.)
    File Size: 210 MB

    SATAIDE Driver (v11.1.0.33) WHQL
    SATARAID Driver (v11.1.0.33) WHQL
    RAIDTOOL Application (v11.1.0.30)

    nForce 4 series:
    430 / GeForce 6150SE, 430 / GeForce 6150LE, 430 / GeForce 6150, 430 / Geforce 6100, 420 / Geforce 6100, 410 / GeForce 6150LE, 410 / GeForce 6100, 405 / Geforce 6100, 400 / Geforce 6100
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