Connect 3rd monitor with radeon 5750 graphics card vista 64

I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit with a ATI Radeon 5750 card that support 2 DVi / 1 HDMi and i displkayport.

Currently i ran 2 HD monitors but 1 via HDMi and i from DVi to HDMi now i want to link a 3rd monitor via the DVi to VGA but although in the display panel it shows the 3rd monitor and it is activated i the display on the 3rd monitor stays off.

Laurel Andrews
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  1. Currently i have 2 monitors connected and working, 1 DVI and 1 DVI to VGA. I connected TV display-port to HDMI, but it stays of. I cant extend to the third without disabling one.

    Someone help us out

    thank you
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