HD Locked after bios Update

I recently bought a used hp probook 6555b from a friend of a friend who is now of course no where to be found. Within a few weeks it started randomly blue screening and rebooting. Someone suggested i try upgrading the bios but none of the pw's he gave me when i bought it worked so it locked. I have been able to hook the "locked' drive up as a secondary drive on my pc and pull most of the files that mattered but was not able to boot to it directly . I have been told i need to purchase a new unlocked bios chip to replace the existing one. I was oddly able to put another old drive into the 6555b with the same bios chip and it booted up ok and was functional.. so now i'm a bit confused and just wanting to get a second opinion and a bit more understanding before I do anything else. If I replace the bios chip I'm assuming that won't entirely resolve the issue. Is reformatting the "locked" drive and doing a clean windows install my best option?
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  1. I'm not sure how that is done but these links may be helpful. The second link is to the user manual for that computer.
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