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Hello all,

I am looking into building a PC for the first time in about 1.5 months for gaming, Final Fantasy XIV in particular. Speculation has come to assume that to run this game at max settings you would need something similar to that of a rig used in Crysis. I have a budget of around $1400 and came across this rig from another thread:

I am extremely new to thinking about building a PC so I am about as knowledgeable as an infant. From what I do know though, I want to go with a Radeon HD 5870 (Eventually upgrade it to 2) and use AMD Phenom chip (X2 or X4 I have no idea... seems like a new X6 would be a bit overkill and unnecessary for gaming).

What I am looking for is the full tower build. I do not need an OS, Mouse or Keyboard. Monitor is currently up in the air but I can currently use my TV as one until money allows for a good ~23 inch monitor. I will be using Windows 7 (purchased through student pricing if it's still available)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, for the Hard drive, I hear that SSD for OS + Game install then HDD for regular data usage. If this isn't terribly expensive to attain it sounds like a route I would like to go. Also, as this is my first one I am not looking to try and overclock anything unless it's as easy as using a basic calculator, lol... So I would rather deal with stock speeds.

I do not need all of the fancy lighting or other aesthetics. Hopefully this is enough information, if you need anymore just let me know please.

I greatly appreciate any and all help in my search for my first rig. Thank you!
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    i would reccomend the amd phenom X4 955 or 965
    really 2 5870's in crossfire is overkill in my opinion (go with 2 5850's in crossfire you lose mabye 2-3 fps but save money)
    ughh 4 to 12 gugs of DDR3 (4 gigs is the current reccomended amount for gaming
    case-get a good antec or coolmaster case with lots of ventilation and fan spots i.e(antec darkfleet antec 200 or 300)

    and for PSU a good 700-800 watt 80% certifeded (effiency) from a good brand like OCX antec coolmaster or a few others
  2. Thank you for the help, I was looking at the X4 on newegg ( ). Would this be the one you are referring too? As for a second 5870, I wouldn't upgrade to a second for a while, talking like 6 months maybe more.
  3. yes it was
  4. i plan on upradging mine to the 955 when i get enough money :P
  5. Upgrading to an older model? I am confused, does it OC easier to outperform the 965 or do you mean you are moving form your current one up to the 955?
  6. current one and uhh well their basicly the same so if uwanna save some money get the 955 (only diffrence is core cloack)
    and incase uwanna know my specs
    motherboard-gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
    cpu-amd athlonII x2 245 2.9ghz
    ram-4 gigs DDR3
    OS-windows XP professinal
    videocard-xfx xxx edition radeon hd 5770
    psu-antec 500 watt earthwatts psu
    case-antec sonataIII
  7. ah okay, I get it now. thank you very much for the clarification. Unless something more appealing pops it's head up the 965 seems like the winner for me.
  8. np oh also if you want faster load times and stuff get a SSD harddrive
  9. I put together a List and I think I have everything but a case and psu. This came from the other thread i made mention of in my OP, what is your take on it?

    Here's are the parts I have lined up for my potential rig:

    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4GHz
    GPU: Radeon HD 5870
    RAM: 4 or 8 GB
    PSU: ?
    Case: ?
    Mobo: ASUS M4A89GTD
    HDD: or
  10. looks good man
  11. Thank you again for the help. I have completed the list for my rig and now it's the waiting game... can't wait to make more money lol. If you want to see the final set up head over to:
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