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Hi all,

I was just wondering which Nvidia card manufacturer is everyone's favourite. I'm asking because I am going to buy a GTX 260 216 on 4th June and three seem to stick out for me an ASUS GTX 260 216 Glaciator+ for £150.71, a XFX GTX 260 216 Core Edition for £158.93 & an ASUS ENGTX260 SP216 for £162.13, I can afford any of them but my Motherboard is a ASUS P5N32-E SLI, does it matter if I get an ASUS Video Card or not.

Thanks, Xeo.
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  1. Normally I'd recommend XFX because they offer a modder friendly double lifetime warranty if you register within 30 days, however it only applies to North America unfortunately. I'd probably go for the ASUS GTX 260 216 Glaciator+, mainly because it looks like the Glaciator+ non-reference heatsink would outperform nVidia's reference design GTX 260 heatsink. However GTX 260s seem to be a little overpriced right now, I'd get an HD 5770 or HD 5830 instead if possible.
  2. Yeah, the GTX 260 is overpriced. The HD5770 is a better card(similar performance, DX11, much more power efficient) for significantly less money so grab that instead unless you are a diehard about Nvidia.
    No matter what card you get there's no reason to go for an Asus card particularly(although they do make some nice cards.)
  3. Thanks everyone,

    You see, I suppose I have been getting conflicting views on the HD5770, Custom PC Magazine say it doesn't work really well @ 1920x1080 (I had all my lastest games in that resolution, and my desktop, until my 8800GTX died, with most everything maxed) besides the price is not that much more for GTX 260, £160 is only £25 more than a HD5770, as for the HD5830, it's a little over my price range, I only have at the most £170, and it's around £200.
  4. Here is an HD5770 for £125
    If you found the 8800GTX acceptable for your resolution then you'll find the HD5770 great. The following chart are the latest numbers comparing the cards(today's review of the GTX 465);
    Slightly higher resolution but it's close enough. As you can see the HD5770 is exactly equal in general performance to the GTX 260 on the latest drivers. For reference the closest card to your 8800GTX on that chart is the HD4770 so either card is about 33% more powerful and a nice upgrade.
    So like I said the performance is equal but the HD5770 is not only cheaper but newer technology with DX11 compatibility and more advanced audio/video playback features for HTPC use. It's also built on a 40nm process which allows the card to operate on much less power(nearly half at idle, almost 50w less under load.)
  5. Thanks for all the advice, I'm still a little unshure about an ATI card in my system, if I have to flash the bios because of a HD5770, I'd rather go with the GTX 260 216 at least I just plug it in and go.
  6. Updating your BIOS is a good idea in any case. It can improve performance, stability and add features/improve compatibility.
  7. Since I found out I may have a problem running a GTX 260 with my PSU, what does everyone think of the GTS 250 1GB, will I be able to run it with my 550W PSU with +12v1 18a and +12v2 17a, and is it comparable to the 8800GTX.
  8. I'd really recommend just getting the HD5770 instead. It uses less power than the GTS 250 and can run easily on that PSU. Updating your BIOS isn't that big of a deal.
    As for the GTS 250 you can compare it's performance to the 8800GTX with the chart I posted above. Like I said earlier the HD4770 is pretty close in performance to the 8800GTX. It should also run on that PSU but honestly with 35 amps on the +12v rails it should actually be able to handle a GTX 260.
  9. Thanks for everyone's input, but I don't have a flash memory stick to upgrade and I don't have any more money to get one (believe me being unemployed is one thing, but getting your money stopped for a dumb reason and having to get your parents to help you is another). Can you use a USB external Hard Drive or maybe CD-ROM with ASUS EZ Flash 2, the manual just says Flash Memory stick and Floppy and they have to be formated in FAT32 (I don't have a Floppy).

    Thanks, Xeo
  10. On the Asus site when looking for updates for you motherboard it lists;
    ASUS Update V7.10.05 Install Program for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista & Windows 64bit XP/2003/Vista.
    I believe that should allow you to update your BIOS from within windows.
  11. I thought it was unsafe to update the bios from windows, lots of people say it's better to do it from withing the bios, but if thats my only option, what are the chances that something will go wrong?
  12. Well basically if your computer crashes/loses power in the middle of the process then it can make your motherboard nonfunctional. These days the process usually takes 30 seconds or so, so basically what are the odds of your windows crashing or a power outage during any random 30 second period?
    As long as you close all other applications(or even if you don't) windows crashing should be very rare, the odds of that or a random power outage during the critical 30 secs are microscopic I would think. For example my computer actually does freeze up on average once a day(due to a crappy PSU I believe) but I still have updated my BIOS in windows twice before. There are 2880 different 30 second periods in a day so even with my system freezing so often there's only a 0.034% chance of it happening during the update. Your system is likely much more stable so the odds are much better.
  13. His motherboard is a Nvidia chipset that had issues with the HD5xxx cards(required several restarts and a long boot time) until the most recent bios update.
  14. The HD5770 is a PCI-E 2.1 card so I have to update the bios.
  15. No, only certain HD5770s are 2.1 cards. About half are actually 2.0.
  16. Any way I have bought my card now, it's a EVGA GTS 250 1GB Low Power Edition, but the question is now, it only needs one 6-Pin Aux Power cable instead of two like my 8800GTX, should I use the one that comes straight from the PSU and only has a 6-Pin Aux plug or the one that is connected to 2 Molex plugs that is on a chain with my drives connected (I'm thinking the one with a 6-Pin aux straight from the PSU).

    The card is so small and doesn't look like much I can't belive it is just as powerful (and maybe a little more) than a 8800GTX, which is a huge full size card, ah the advancement of technology...
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