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Dear Friends,
I want to buy a < 220$ processor for my desktop. I will also buy new motherboard. I am a normal user. I mostly run Visual Studio.net Website designing software. I also love to play games. There are three cpu's in my consideration 1- core i5 760 2- core i5 661 3- core i5 560. Please guide me about the performance difference between core i5 760 and core i5 661. which one is better in applications like ms office, gaming and visual studio.net
I wan to use this new cpu for at least 4 to 5 years
Thanks & Regards

Asad Naqvi
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  1. The I5 760 is the most powerful and therefore is going to last you the longest.
  2. The 760 is the most powerful as the above poster mentioned. It has a higher clock and the most cores. I wouldn't dwell on the 661 and "660" ...if thats what you meant because they might have good clocks, but they are only dual core CPU's. If you want a long lasting CPU, get a quad core.
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