Processor comparision acording to requirement

i plan to buy a laptop for using .net 4 + sql server 2005
i see intel p6000 and intel core 2 due procers laptops with one is best for me
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  1. Intel Pentium P6000 @ 1.87GHz? Which Intel Core 2 Duo? There are LOTS of them.

    Passmark CPU scores (higher is better):
    Intel Core2 Duo T5470 @ 1.60GHz = 912
    Intel Pentium P6000 @ 1.87GHz = 1456
    Intel Core2 Duo P9600 @ 2.66GHz = 1950
    Intel Core i5 430M @ 2.27GHz = 2365

    Use the link above to compare CPUs.
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