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I have a Foxconn motherboard that supports AM3 and a cpu up to 95W, and i found out that they recently made a hexacore AMD cpu at 95W, down from the other 6-core processors at 125W. The Foxconn board is an A74ML-K (Yeah, i know it's old and itprobably sucks, but it had to replace an old pc, and i needed it in a hurry.) The CPU Fan is a Alpine 64 Pro. It's currently on an 5400+ 2.8 GHz dual core. The Six-core i'm looking at is the 95W 1055T 2.8GHz, and the model/item numbers are: HDT55TWFGRBOX and HDT55TWFK6DGR. Should i be able to run this processor?
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  1. I think you still need the BIOS version that supports 6 core CPUs. Ask Foxconn.
  2. Its not on its support list and I doubt Foxconn will ever update that board.
  3. Okay, Thanks for the help guys, i'll report back if i come upon anything.
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