Computer starts up but no beeps or boot help please

Okay I recently built my computer and had it for about two months until I came upon this problem. My computer would power on and all my fans and lights work, but the system will not boot or beep once like it normally would and my monitor stays blank. The strange part is that if turn off the system and unplug the 4 pin connector by the cpu, then wait about 5 seconds and reconnect it, the system boots up and runs normally until I power it down and try to boot about an hour later.

I'm assuming it might be a problem with my motherboard or psu

My Specs
Gigabyte M68MT-D3
AMD Phenom II x4 965
4GB Corsair XMS3 2 x 2GB DDR3
OCZ Modxstream-pro 700w modular power supply

Thanks and please help.
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    I am guessing that it the PSU. One way of determining if it is the PSU is to pull the PSU and install it in a similar system.
  2. Okay weird story.. My computer decided to power on and off smoothly for the whole day today, but if I come across this issue again I will test the PSU. Thanks
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