CD/DVD RW drive not showing

The CD/DVD RW drive on my old Dell Dimension 5150 is not showing up, the computer is running Windows XP.
When I insert a CD/DVD the drive spinns up and it sounds as if it would be working.
I'm also unable to boot from a CD/DVD since the disk doesn't show up in the boot menu either.
Could this be some kind of a hardware fault and is so, how do i fix it?
I'm sure that the disk is working properly since i tried it in another computer with no proplem.
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  1. right click on my computer and select manage > click on device manager > click on dvd/cd roms and double click your drive> under device status what does it say?
  2. The DVD/CD-ROM drives doesn't show up in device manager at all, its as if it wasn't properly connected, which it is. Could it be the motherboard connector or the cables that are failing?
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