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HP d5200t

I own an HP d5200t that had a Q9650,the motherboard is a Pegatron G33 chipset.I need to replace it with a less expensive Quad Core,like a Q9300,or a Q9400.I keep seeing SLAWE or SLAWQ on ones I see for sale on ebay.Is that just a designation for the factory that manufactured it?They all say maylasia,are they compatible to one I could buy in a retail outlet?
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    Those designations represent different stepping codes. This will make virtually zero impact.

    Maylasia? Either that's where they were manufactured if it is on the CPU itself or the box or that's where the person selling it is willing to deliver to if that's what they mean or they are telling you that that is where they got it from. Regardless, they are all the same. There is no difference between what you would get at a retail store.
  2. Hey Thanks for the info,I was worried these wouldn't be compatible.That relieves my fears about buying one.Again ,thanks for everything you told me,very informative.Sincerly,Aldo D.
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