ASUS onboard sound card crackle. Sound card options?

Hey all.

I recently upgraded my system to the build in my signature. Since upgrading however, the sound in all my music files has a crackle and pop sound disrupting playback every couple of seconds. Make music listening unbearable, and I assume quieter parts of games too (haven't had a chance to play any since the upgrade).

I have a couple days left to RMA the board if I want to, but I really don't want to tear apart the new system and have to rebuild it. What are my other options? Sound card I guess... I don't need awesome quality sound. I have only ever used on-board sound before and I have never complained about it. But I can't stand the crackles obviously.

If I get a sound card (which puts my upgrade over my budget...) what is recommended? The only PCI slot available for a sound card is directly between my 2 video card slots, and I am worried it either won't fit or will screw up the cooling of the videocards once I go SLI next year.

I have seen some USB sound cards but can't imagine they are good for anything... am I wrong?

I am just so extremely bummed by this problem and I don't know what to do to solve it. Please help sound card peoples!

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  1. NOTE: I have a PCI slot available in between the videocard slots (although I don't know if it will fit. My gigabyte gtx 460 cooler looks a little big...) and I also have a pci express x1 slot available above the first video card slot.

    So if I decide to get a sound card, those are my two options, and then of course USB sound card, but I would have to imagine that isn't a good option?

    Any recommendations on low cost sound cards that would fit my situation? Sigh...
  2. Well, the ASUS Xonar DX will work with a PCI-E 1x slot; just make sure you have the necessary power cable available, and make sure no capacitors will end up blocking you.

    Still, its odd an onboard device would have so much trouble, and you *might* want to RMA the board, in case its a board problem...
  3. Now I am very confused. I bought a logitech G110 and hooked it up. This keyboard has a built in USB sound card or so it says. It doesn't transmit sound unless you go into control panel sound options and set the audio out to the keyboard. I did that, and disabled the mobo sound card.

    Still crackles coming through the keyboard. Multiple sets of speakers, multiple sets of headphones, various types of sound files.

    I assumed if I decided to keep this motherboard, all it would take would be adding a sound card, but now I feel like that wont fix the problem either after this keyboard sound card issue.

    What the heck do I do now?
  4. Its sounding more and more like a board problem to me. Could be driver related though...I'd RMA the board to be safe.

    What bothers me is even a USB device is acting up; that *should* be preemting the motherboard audio entirely [for all practical purposes, its acting as an external sound device]...I'd stay away from a soundcard at this point until you figure out exactly whats going on...
  5. dont USB soundcards jitter a lot?
  6. Today is my last day to get an RMA. Crap. I guess i'll get the RMA to be safe and keep playing around. Unless the motherboard onboard sound and the keyboards USB sound are both borked. but thats not too likely...

    If I RMA the board which AM3 SLi board should I go with... this was the ONLY x16/x16 one. I would have to downgrade to x8/x8. Problem is, that still leaves me only ASUS and MSI. All ASUS SLI AM3 boards use the same onboard sound. And I have never once bought an MSI product I didn't have to return for defect. I have washed my hands of that brand.

    So I'm stuck because I built this setup with the phenom x4 955 and gtx 460 in mind. I am going SLI next year. I have my hands tied in regards to board choice. I could roll the dice and just exchange for a new one. But if it has the same problem... I just went through a ton of crap for nothing.

    When I return something I typically refuse to get the same product... Sigh.
  7. xrome, what ended up happening with your situation? Did you ever find out was was causing the crackling/popping sounds? I've been dealing with this exact same problem since I built my computer last year. Same motherboard, and I've been trying several different audio devices on both front and back ports. I recently bought a Logitech G510 which acts as a USB sound card, but the problem still persists. Do you or anybody know what's going, and how to fix it?
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