I can hear my hard drive scratching/writing???

It sounds like someone is using a rock to scratch my hard drive everytime it's being accessed, which is quite often obviously, I have 2 hard drives obviously but I think it's my Boot drive (C:\ drive), it's a pretty old IDE and everytime I open a desktop program or look inside the C: Drive, I hear that noise, I hear it when I open my "E:\" drive also but it's no were near as much and it could just be the general C: Drive working... right?

Is there anyway to find out
1) where the noise is coming from
and 2) could someone tell me if this is a bad thing, like does it mean it's dying or what?
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  1. Some drives are noisier than others. If you're concerned, download the diagnostic software from the Mfg. and scan it for errors. Always make sure your data is backed up.
  2. You probably would have run into errors by now, it won't hurt to check it for errors. Older IDE drives sound like they are scratching the platters but i think it's because of the arm moving around and also it might be the older kind that had the mechanical reader that moves like a cd optical lens instead of the more modern 'arm'. How old is the drive? I have a '99 PC with the original HDD and it just makes a weird loud humming sound when its on. Then i have this 80GB SATA drive that sounds like it's crushing rocks or breaking something but it works fine.
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