Hey i want to know if i should get a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7 or a ASUS Maximus iV Extreme or change socket and go for the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 or Gigabyte G1.Assassin.
the 1155 CPU will be a 2600k and for the 1366 it will be a 960 both will be cooled with the corsair H70 , GFX will be GTX580 later on will SLI memory ill decide when i choose socket . PSU will be a corsair AX1200 and HDD will be Western Digital 1 TB black .My case is a Coolmaster scout i know that some of the MOBO need a bigger case so plz help thanks.
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  1. This argument comes up frequently, and it depends upon your environment: Resolution of Monitor(s), Number/Specs of GPU. After that Native vs NF200 environment.

    If 2-WAY SLI on a single monitor is the 'Goal' with GTX 580 in SLI then look at either the GA-P67A-UD5 or ASUS P8P67 DELUXE or ASUS P8P67 Pro.

    I like the P67, but not in a extreme environment. In a very short time the Sandy Bridge on LGA 2011 will be available and it is clearly meant for 3/4-WAY and multiple monitors.
  2. there will be 2-3 screens and i thought if i got a good MOBO i could get the cpu's when they come out.
  3. I run 3 Monitors 5900± x 1080 and I wouldn't choose P67, and I would wait before throwing a lot of money on soon to be hugely outdated hardware. Currently, I'm X58 with 32-lanes vs 16-lanes with a 16% better CPU that yields ±2% FPS. The new Sandy Bridge will offer up to 8-cores with 8-HT.

    Sandy Bridge -

    Not all Sandy Bridges are the same, the LGA 1155 are not compatible with the newer LGA 2011 or visa versa. The reasons the LGA 2011 (2,011 pins) has so many pins is because of the enormous gains in bandwidth use including PCIe 3.0 and Quad Channel memory. Not only are there 32-lanes in the LGA 2011, but they offer double the bandwidth of the current PCIe 2.x used in the LGA 1155 which is 16 lanes.

    LGA 2011 -
    PCIe 2.x (4 Gb/s), 3.x (8 Gb/s) -
  4. o p67..although the chips are fantastic, I can't say much for the boards..your better off with an X58 setup with a G1 series from gigabyte, or ROG board from Asus...p67 is limited and isn't going to be great for multiple monitor setups..although the differences between the platforms are somewhat negligible, I would suggest you pick up an x58 board ...some may say that its a "dead" socket..but, even im thinking of trading in my p67 setup for a G1 or R3E Black edition ...or, just making a 2nd build
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