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Will it run??

i have phenom x6 1055
4gb ddr3 ram @1033mhz
Nvidia 9600gt
1tb wd blue edition HDD
corsair vx 550 watt

will assassin's creed 2 run at max settings @ 1600 X 900
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  1. No. The 9600GT is a relatively weak card. An HD5770 would be the minimum I'd get.
  2. Nope. Agree with Shadow, get HD5770 (minimum) for a better performance... :)
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    You might not MAX it but you can surely play that game with some lower settings at that resolution :)
  4. after getting a 5770 will it run... i mean is the processor and ram ok??
  5. Yes, with your CPU and RAM, plus a new HD5770, your system will be great for gaming, especially at 1600 X 900...
  6. thanx all..... i am thinking of getting a 5850
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