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Remote Web Workplace RWW

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Last response: in Networking
March 16, 2010 2:31:50 PM

I'm having trouble connecting to my desktop via RWW.
Laptop: Win7
Desktop: XP Pro SP3
I can access another desktop with the laptop, just not my own. Here's what happems when I try to acces MY desktop:
-sequence of events:
-open up IE 8 on laptop
-I have homepage set to https://remote.<name removed to protect the innocent>.com/remote/menu.aspx#
-<name removed> remote web workplace window comes up with login & password entry
-type in login and password
-click blue circle with white arrow
I now have options to connect to email, connect to a computer and internal web site.
-click on Connect to A Computer
-2 popup windows appear, 1 blank, the other says "A Website Wants To Start A Remote Connection. Type: Remote Desktop Connection Remote Computer: Desktop-002 Gateway Server: remote.<Name removed>.com and has check boxes for clipboard and printers.
-I uncheck the printers box and click connect
-the formerly blank window now says Remote Desktop Session Please wait while a connection to your computer is established.
-then it dissapears, and I am left with the connect to a computer screen screen and no remote connection.
Any ideas? I'm stumped. Like I said, I can connect to another desktop in the office, but not my own. It has to be something on the desktop PC, but I have no idea what it could be.

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March 16, 2010 2:48:20 PM

Did you recently install any third party anti-virus or anti-malware on that remote PC that might be blocking access (McAfee, Norton, etc.)?
March 23, 2010 11:57:33 AM

No, but I have some additional info. I had someone else try the same thing here at the office with their laptop. They can't get into my desktop either. They can get into their own on another PC.
It has to be something on the PC, not the laptop that is preventing me from getting in. We have Trend Micro antivirus on it.