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Recently I bought a new video card that has ddr3 memory and my main memory is ddr2, the salesman told me it didn't matter. When I fired it up I ran a test on pc doctor and it locked up half way through. I rebooted went to you tube and an a game trailer to see how the card would keep up, after a minute the card locked up, the audio was chattering. When I restarted I got a bsod and 5 different codes. It starts in safe mode, but will not start normally. I disabled video driver reset default values in bios and still can't start normally. Anyone have any ideas?
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    It start in safe mode, right? then you have a problem with driver...
    What is your current driver? Did you install the latest one?

    How many sticks of RAM did you use? If you have more than one installed to the motherboard then try booting with only just 1 stick...
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