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Last night my computer froze and I turned off the power and returned it on. I got an error message in white letters across the top of the screen that said something about CPM or chips not matching. Turned it off and back on - nothing. It powers on fine but doesnt boot. No signal to monitor (I checked monitor by attaching to laptop and it works fine). No signal to the keyboard either. I tried the recovery disc - nothing. I don't know what to do with it now.
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  1. No post=Bad component somewhere in there. Hopefully CPM is not really CPU, or you might have a processor failure on your hands. The first thing I suggest is to take everything plugged into the board and unplug it. leave only 1 stick of ram and the 2 power plugs plugged into the motherboard. Does it POST now? If not, remove and reseat the processor after clearing the CMOS via the motherboard jumper, usually located near the RTC battery. If after you have cleared the CMOS and reseated the CPU and still get nothing, it`s going to be the motherboard or the CPU, with my personal opinion leaning towards the CPU. What are the specs of this system? (model #) age etc?
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