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i play a lot online with friends but unfortunately my socket 939 4000 is not keeping up any more with new games ie battlefield 2,i have been checking out ebay and have seen a phenom 555 for 80 a m3n78d motherboard for 35 and 2x 1gb ocz gold10666 ddr3 ram and 2x 1gb ocz reaper 10666 ddr3 ram for 60 making it 175 in total my question is if i bought these could i put them in my old case which is quite big with a 650 power supply and windows 7 would it work and would i have the right connexions ,i currently have 2 x7800 gt in sli but have seen 2 9800 gtx plus for a good price could i use them in sli on this new set up,sorry its such a long winded question but any help appreciated as i wuoldnt want a lot of parts that are not compatable,i have also seen a couple of small raptor drives quite cheap and wondered if they might inprove perfomance many thanks ,alan
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  1. Looks fine, if your case is ATX it should work alright. A 650W PSU is more than enough for a 9800 GTX+, although you may need a new one if it is too old and cannot deliver as much power as it could before. The motherboard and Phenom II X2 550 should work without any BIOS updates. For the RAM, you also may want a 4 GB kit, as 2 GB may be a bottleneck for some more RAM intensive games. I personally think Velociraptors aren't worth it, the ones on eBay are probably the older SATA II drives and you would be better off with a SAMSUNG Spinpoint HDD.
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