Pci-e on Lenovo advanced dock

I am running a Thinkpad t61 - C2D t7300 - 3gb ddr3 - intel gma 3100 on a an advanced docking station, 2703
I had a fireGL 3300 in the Pciexpansionbay of the dock but it burned when I tampered with the dock fan ;)
Now I am looking to buy a new gfx for the dock in the low pricerange.
I am looking at these 3 atm:

Whether they will work at all is uncertain but before I order one of the to test it I have 1 question:
As I understand from the Lenovo forums, the dock can deliver 50watts to the card as the absolute maximum.
Thus I am trying to figure out how much these cards will draw.
the 4350 is supposed to only draw 25w but I cant find any info on the others.
Furthermore, the dock only powers the card from the bus, that is, there is no option for the extra 6pin powercable, so it must be a card that runs without.
I will mainly be using the system for Photoshop, Premiere (editing and encoding), HD movies and a a little wow :)
Any thoughts on this is much obliged :)
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  1. bump
    It seems form other threads that ppl have run 4350 and 4550 succesfully in the dock.
    The question is now, what is the fastest card with low enough powerconsumption to work?
    I am looking at 4650, 5450, 5550 and 5570, any thoughts?
    Furthermore, is there any noteworthy difference between 512mb DDR3 and 1gb DDR2 as to powerdraw? (assuming both are 128bit)
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