Ideas on a new build



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, gpu


PARTS PREFERENCES: ATI n Intel prob 24" moniter

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe (other forum 4 that :) ) SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I've got a asus radeon 5770 gpu i can use
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  1. At that budget I would suggest going AMD as it is cheaper and the socket is more upgradeable (you don't have to replace the motherboard to upgrade the processor)

    Gigabyte GA-MA770T-ES3 - £58.71 [...] s-RAID-ATX

    AMD3 440 3ghz Tri core - £61.62 [...] 95W-Retail

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb - £34.89 [...] he-8ms-OEM

    Dual Layer DVD Drive - £13.88 [...] -Black-OEM

    CASE - Xigmatek ASGARD - £26.78 [...] Fan-No-PSU

    Silverstone 500W PSU - £43.39 [...] -120mm-Fan

    G Skill Ripjaw RAM - £97.99

    Total: £337.86

    For monitors, either 24 inch Acer - £158.60

    or the LG 23 inch - £159.55

    Total: ~£500

    In my house I have an LG monitor and my wife has the Acer quoted above. It uis up to you which you go with, the LG is a bit smaller for the same kind of price but is technically a better brand quality - although ironically, at home my LG monitor has got a dead spot on it right in the middle of the screen now while the Acre monitor is still perfectly fine.

    I just saw that you are not including the monitor in your budget, that is good news, so scrap the CPU and motherboard I mentioned as you can get better. So, without monitor:

    i5 750 - £158.60

    Gigabyte GA P55-US3L - £77.80

    Total: £453.33

    This build does not allow for XFire or USB3.0 and Sata 6gb/s, but allows spare cash for a CPU cooler for OCing and posibly a more powerful Powersupply.

    The best P55 board that will give you USB 3.0 and Sata 6gb/s and XFire is:
    Asus P7P55D - E Pro - £163.97

    This will break your budget at: £539.50

    If Crossfire matters to you but USB3.0 and Sata 6gb/s does not, you can likely buy a board in between. (For me personally the USB3 stuff was of no interest, it is something that will matter when I get a new system in 3+ years).

    Depending on games you play, you may find the 5770 starts to struggle at max settings on some games, but if you have an XFire board you can always put a second one in, or if not buy a 5850 in the future, but other than that the computer is good to go!

    Note that I bought the RAM from this is because, while I love scan (I have used them for years) the one thing they lack is RAM variety - G Skill is brilliant RAM and tends to have lower latency than the Corsair on offer at scan, so I always buy the RAM elsewhere.
  2. most of ur links dont work ut i can find em thx
  3. Odd, the links are working for me :(
  4. ok a quick one ive heard a lot about F3 but is it that reliable i was thinking enterprise WD maybe a RE2/3 but i don't know

    Also i can go quite a bit over budget so I prob get a bigger PSU

    Is the Intel I5 a good price point on scan's website

    Can you give a example for RAM at scan as well
  5. I really wouldn't go with RAM at scan. I buy everything at scan for my PCs except RAM - at Ebuyer you can get better RAM cheaper even with the £2 delivery. G Skill Ripjaw is great RAM, and you will see it recommended often on this site

    I5 is a good price at scan, you can check ebuyer and but you will likely find scan is as good a price as you can get it.

    F3 is reliable and very good - better than WD. It is no coincidence that almost every single build on this forum recommend the F3 - we are not on some commision, it just really is that good
  6. Really good link trading. I read & appreciate.
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