Psu or video? Power issue :/

Morning all,

So I went to boot up my pc this morning. Power, lights and all the goodies came on except the video and USB power.

So my I initial thought is mobo problems, I even tried a second psu. Same issue. So I plugged in an older vid card and voilà both video and USB power again. Swap back and still nothing.

So I'm at a loss of what is wrong.


Intel q6600
650w anted psu
Nvidia 8800gts 512 ( the older test one was a 8800gts 640)
Intel ip35e mobo
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  1. Sounds like a bad video card to me. Take a good look at the card and see if any caps are bulging out. If you cant see any visible signs of damage the only real way to test it is to try the video card in another machine.
  2. Hi

    I may be wrong but it sounds like a video card problem. If the video card is broke the pc won't post. But as I said I'm not entierly sure.
  3. Okay, that's why I posted. Good idea! So I took out my hd4870 of my other pc and put the card I question in. It booted right up no problem. So then I moved the 4870 over and the other one booted up. Wth. Does the 4870 call for less power?
  4. Okay. More update. Since the pc in question booted with the 4870 I decided to plug back in the rest of the USB, hard drives lights etc. No power to vid or USB again. (vid card fans are on but they were before too).

    Edit update2: I restartes it again with the 4870 and it booted fine. 8800 back in, no go.

    So either the psu isn't liking the video cars or the mobo hates it
  5. Not much new to report. It seems the 8800 GTS 512 no longer likes the computer or vice versa. Everthing else works without it and it works fine elsewhere. Odd stuff.
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