Strange sound disturbition from laptop speakers

Hi all

I've had my Acer TimelineX 5820T laptop for 2 weeks now. I started to notice few days after I had bought it, that strange disturbition was coming from my speakers randomly while I was playing music on it. It didn't matter if it was iTunes, spotify or any other flash videos on the web.

I've tried to google a lot and haven't come down to any conclusion.

The sound can be described like the computer is pausing for a few ms. like when the CPU is doing to many things at ones.

I started checking my task mananger CPU monitor and noticed that every time my CPU peaked, while I was playing music, from 0-3% up to like 5-10% the sound came.

The only thing I've done with the computer/soundcard was to download the most recent Realtek HD audio mananger drivers for my windows few days after i bought it, the 2.51 drivers....

Could it be that the new drivers are f****** everything up? Has anybody else experienced a simular problem?

My specs are.
Acer Aspire Timelinex 5820T
i3 Intel 350
Intel HD graphics
Realtek HD audio
4gb RAM with W7 Home Premium 64bit

Jon Ingi B.
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  1. Yes, and I should probably add to this.... when I'm using headphones this disturbition doesn't come! The sound works perfectly with headphones
  2. "disturbition" gotta love these crazy new words people come up with.

    It sounds like a driver issue to me as the only other time I've had similar issues was on older (or failing) hardware struggling to keep up so the CPU and memory was maxing out.

    You have new and powerful hardware so I doubt that's the problem. If the problem goes away with headphones it could be a fault with the internal speakers though.

    Does your system lag in any way when the issue occurs?
  3. Well, I haven't experienced any lag until today... my computer froze for like 20 sec while playing a flash video on the internet.

    I just noticed on the realtek site that they released a new driver(Realtek HD 2.52) TODAY... I've just finished installing it. I'm going to see how that works. For the last 10 minutes I haven't had any trouble with the sound.
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