CF 5770 Questions

Hi, I'm currently thinking about buying another 5770 to do a cf configuration but I had some questions about it.

1) Is my power supply sufficient enough to power two 5770?

PSU: OCZ Modxstream 600w

Here's my configuration: PII 955 @ 3.6( 1.425 v)
2 Sata Hard Drives
2 Sata Dvd Drives
3 120mm fans, 1 140mm fan
4gb DDR3 Corsair memory

2) Also is it possibly to cf different manufacturer's cards?( i.e MSI with XFX)

Thanks in advance!
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    Your PSU is enough for CF 5770's and yes you can mix and match manufacturers.
  2. 1) Yes
    2) Absolutely.
  3. PSU is enough and you can mix manf!

    You are good to go! :)
  4. Ok, thanks!
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