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so im building another new computer (must be the 4th or 5th one ive posted here already) and wanted some feedback,

so this is my build

CPU: Core i5 750, 2.66GHz, s1156, 8MB Tray

Fans & Cooler: Scythe Mugen II Rev.b 5 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler s1156/s1366

M.BOARD: ASUS P7P55D s1156 Core i5/i7, Intel P55, DDR3 1600, 2xPCI-E

MEMORY: DDR III 1600Mhz 2x2GB Mushkin Redline Series Dual Channel CL6-8-6-24

HARD DISK: Samsung 1TB EcoGreen F3 1TB 32MB Sata II HD105SI


OPTICAL WRITERS: Sony Optiarc AD-5240S DVD±RW x24 Black Sata

CASE: CoolerMaster HAF922 ATX Black Case (No PSU)

POWER SUPPLY: SeaSonic 650W Gold X-Series Active PFC 12cm Fan Modular PSU X-650 (Retail)

MONITORS: ASUS MS226H 21.5 Inch LCD 2ms DVI HDMI WideScreen Black

SPEAKERS: Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System

cost: $1836

this is a gaming build, the monitor is 1920X1080, there will be overclocking on both GPU and CPU

and before you guys start saying 'wait at this price range you should be building an i7" i live in a country where the price difference between the two builds would be $179 and i don't have the extra cash to spend

now i was thinking of getting a cheaper PSU, SeaSonic 600W Active PFC 80+ 12cm Fan PSU SS-600ET (Oem), which would cut down my cost by nearly $80, but i want a PSU that i can choose whichever cables i want to have plugged in for better cable management, so if you guys could name me a PSU that has the same capabilities i would be grateful

so, any thoughts?
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  1. well you can get the OCZ modxtream 600w its modular so you can choose which cables are plugged in and its one of the cheapest good quality PSUs
  2. unfortunately i cant get any psu made by ocz, none of my vendors have them, i only have access to seasonic, corsair, thermaltake, Enermax, Chieftec, Golden Tiger, and coolermaster

    any thoughts on the build itself? i would like to purchase in the next day or so, so any feedback would be welcome
  3. its a nice build overall thats why I didnt comment on the build itself,

    although some remarks would be since this is a gaming build, you can go the AMD route for abit cheaper, phenom II x4 955 and mobo ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AM3 AMD 890GX,

    also the video card you choose the DirectCU is only if you plan to overclock with voltage too, you can get a cheaper one which is the XFX 5850 lifetime warranty.

    for PSUs, bronze certified or just an 80+ efficiency is more than enough dont throw your money on a gold certified product, corsair, seasonic and thermaltake are good brands just go with the cheapest from them.
  4. i chose the direct cu because i intend to overclock i with voltage, i want to take the card to the 1ghz mark

    about the psu, i guess ill just go with the seasonic 520W Modular 80+ Bronze Active PFC 12cm Fan M12II-520, though will the 520 watts suffice?
  5. 520 watt would be enough, not sure how it will do in high overclock though, cant help you with that.
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