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Component or Jack?

I finally have a amplifier, and have the choice of connecting it through my computer via jack or component jacks. Which one presents higher quality?
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  1. Component is a video output. Can you provide a picture of what you mean by the two different "jacks?"
  2. Agreed. Pictures please...
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    I think he means AC97 (the 3.5mm computer audio outputs) and RCA (analog audio outputs). In either case, they pass the same analog signal; the only difference being the PC standard carries two speaker channels per connection.
  4. ^That's what I meant, sorry for the confusion
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  6. Well a soundcard with RCA outputs is pretty rare, so it seems an unlikely first assumption to think that was an option he could use.
  7. ^^ A few high end cards use RCA over AC97. Its easy enough to convert back and forth, so thats really not a significant barrier in any case.
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